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Double Swaddle Buddy™ - Organic


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The Original SwaddleBuddy™ is a swaddle accessory that can be used with any receiving blanket or other swaddle to keep your houdini baby swaddled! The arm wraps keep the arms comfortably at the sides. Unlike other swaddles that wrap the arms, the SwaddleBuddy™ uses hook and loop to prevent the arms from becoming unwrapped by an especially wiggly swaddle houdini.

It is not to be used alone, but in combination with a blanket or swaddle.

The SwaddleBuddy™ is made of Certified Organic 100% cotton interlock.

Size Small will fit most babies up to approximately 16 lbs.
Size Large will fit most babies from approximately 15 lbs until they no longer require swaddling.

Made in USA.

US Patent # 7,954,187 and other patent pending.

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