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SwaddleBuddy™ Series

Swaddling isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Do you live in a hot climate? Do you have a particularly wiggly baby? Would you like to be able to safely use a swing or bouncy seat? Do you have a favorite blanket you'd love to use, but baby just refuses to stay wrapped in it? Does your baby need to be swaddled past the itty-bitty size and can't find one big enough?  

I had swaddling issues with all of the above. And that's why I designed not just one swaddle, but three! Between the SwaddleBuddy™ accessory, the SwaddleBuddy™ Suit and the SwaddleBuddy™ Sack, you are sure to find the perfect swaddling solution.      


You may even be so lucky as to have one of those babies that is completely content just being wrapped in a blanket, but the store bought ones are too small, a rigid flannel and rectangular. A Pea Wee Baby™ Receiving Blanket is the perfect answer. 100% cotton knit (think of a nice weight, soft t-shirt material) and a square 36" x 36".


Whatever your needs, there is certain to be a SwaddleBuddy™ for you!
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