Organic Swaddles Now Included In SwaddleBuddy Series

by Tamara

Organic Swaddles

Organic Swaddles

Holy Moly! I thought this day would never come!

I spent a ridiculous amount of time finding the perfect Certified Organic 100% cotton interlock for the SwaddleBuddy Series – and – it’s milled right here in the USA!

What Is Certified Organic Cotton?

Fibers are certified as organic when the agricultural product it is derived from (cotton) is grown without any fertilizers or pesticides. The crops are also grown with sustainability of the quality of the soil and resources as an approach to crop production.

Cotton Interlock Is Perfect For Swaddling

Cotton interlock is a knit fabric – in other words, it stretches. You might be more familiar with a knit fabric called jersey. Interlock is somewhat similar to jersey, except jersey has a wrong and right side, whereas interlock looks the same on both sides. Interlock has more stretch than jersey.

Interlock has a soft hand. It’s very comfortable and is extremely popular for use in baby clothing. Think of a nice, soft, decent quality t-shirt that stretches a bit more and you’ve got the idea.

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