SwaddleBuddy™ Suit Now Available at AR Pillow – Natural Reflux Relief!

by Tamara

If you’ve had a baby with reflux, you know that having them sleep at a 30 degree incline can be a lifesaver.

The AR Pillow was designed to safely and naturally relieve reflux & colic in babies using the IDEAL 30 degree angle. It’s a wedge that can be placed either on the floor or secured in the bassinet.

One of the biggest problems parents have in using a reflux wedge is that until now, there hasn’t been a swaddle that allowed baby to be safely strapped into the positioner. Studies have shown that placing baby at a 30 degree incline relieves reflux and colic. Studies have also shown that swaddling relieves reflux and colic. The SwaddleBuddy™ Suit is the perfect swaddle to compliment the AR Pillow!

SwaddleBuddy Suit and AR Pillow

SwaddleBuddy Suit and AR Pillow

DS has the worst acid reflux. The AR pillow has helped so much. DS loves his swaddle buddy, so I have used them together successfully.

Note that it is recommended to place the pillow sheet over the top of the harness so baby doesn’t move to either side. A demonstration on how to use the AR Pillow can be seen here

The SwaddleBuddy™ Suit can be purchased on the AR Pillow website HERE

The SwaddleBuddy™ Suit and AR Pillow can be purchased as a set HERE

Liz, the inventor of the AR Pillow, had a newborn son that was diagnosed with acid reflux at one week of age. Unable to find something to help her baby, she created the AR Pillow. Her son never grew out of his reflux and is now sleeping on the Child/Adult AR Pillow.

Liz and I both know what it’s like to have babies that aren’t sleeping…for whatever reason. We hope that our products together can help!

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