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SwaddleBuddy™ Suit Now Available at AR Pillow – Natural Reflux Relief!

January 5, 2012

If you’ve had a baby with reflux, you know that having them sleep at a 30 degree incline can be a lifesaver. The AR Pillow was designed to safely and naturally relieve reflux & colic in babies using the IDEAL 30 degree angle. It’s a wedge that can be placed either on the floor or […]

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You Have A Baby.. In A Bar!

December 2, 2011

Last year for Thanksgiving, my family went on a cruise to celebrate my Grandparents’ 60th Anniversary. When I booked the cruise tickets for myself and the teenager, I had just given birth to my youngest. At the time, we thought by 9 months of age I would be able to leave my son with Daddy […]

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What I Am Thankful For In 2011

November 23, 2011

It’s been a crazy year! Here are a few of the things I’m thankful for!     My teenager! She is such a good kid. I’m really proud of her. I’m thankful that she has this incredible musical talent and that she realizes it, appreciates it and uses it!     My Mom moved back […]

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Make Your Own Cloth Diapers! Careful though…

October 20, 2011

It’s addicting! Buying cloth diapers is like a gateway drug to making your own. In another post, I wrote about how I happened to come across cloth diapering and that there are some incredibly cute options out there. Well that’s nothing compared to the adorable options you have when making your own!   I came […]

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