Swaddle Guarantee
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Conditions of Use

By purchasing from this website you agree that you have read the instructions and warnings relating to the use of swaddles and will only use as they are intended.

Warnings Relating to the Use of Swaddles:

Use only as directed.

Always place a swaddled baby on his/her back to sleep. Never prone.

Use caution with loose blankets as a blanket over the face can be a suffocation hazard.

Use caution to prevent overheating. Overheating may contribute to SIDS.

Do not swaddle a baby that will roll over.

Not for use in car seats.

Do not use bumpers, sleep positioners, rolled up blankets or place stuffed animals baby's sleeping area.

Only swaddle for sleep and to calm fussiness.

For more information on safe sleep and the reduction of SIDS risks, please visit the links at the bottom of the Sleep Help & Resources page.

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